Thursday, December 17, 2009

Charitable Intentions

I have a question and I hope one of my more knowledgeable readers can perhaps explain this to me.

If you have a business whatever it may be, the standard wisdom for all types is take your profits and reinvest them back into your inventory.
Buy more product to sell, or invest in new equipment for said purpose. Do not take those profits and use them for anything other than increasing business.

This is standard business 101, taught in any good class from Harvard to community college.

All in agreement so far?.

Here's my quandary.

A business here in AZ. [Which by all involved vehemently deny it is one] but let's go with our all knowing governments version and say it is. I personally don't agree with that...but let's for the sake of this argument say it's true.
According to the same government it is a "criminal organization" that deals in nefarious purposes.
Now this said organization took some of it's profits and bought a truckload of toys to give to children.
When they arrived to deliver the toys...They were denied access to giving the toys away.
????? WTF?
Well it seems the local law enforcement in it's wisdom decided to tell the charity 'Don't accept these toys..they are bought with criminal profits'.
Who loses out in this scenario?
The innocent children lose out on Christmas.
The 'Bad guys' will correctly now decide that since spending money on charity is a waste if time, put it back in inventory.
The 'product' they sell will not be diminished one fucking Iota by this denial.
They are not gonna close up shop and go away because....[Awww, they won't let us give stuff away]
The 'customers' don't buy from them because 'hey..they help kids'. They could give a shit less one way or the other.
OK...So far the kids lost...the 'criminals' kept more of their profits to buy more product and equipment..[being criminals...that would naturally mean more guns and such].
So who came out ahead here?
Law enforcement?
Most see it as making innocents pay for the wages of crime. The organization they are fighting actually gains in strength because they now have more money to continue their 'nefarious efforts' and actually close ranks among themselves , becoming a tighter group.
The LEO's now face a better equipped army against them, the public perception of them is diminished because they just made innocent children who are already down on their luck pay the price.
These kids will not remember why....Only that a 'Cop' prevented Christmas.
And will most likely in the future look on 'Cops' as assholes.
Showing LESS respect for the law,,not more.
So my question is......Just who the hell came out ahead in this scenario?

Friday, November 13, 2009

Modern 'Bike in Barn' story

We've all heard the proverbial 'Bike in a barn ' story.
Bikers sit up and Pay rapt attention when one is told.
Hell, If it's a real good one we'll even push the chatty naked pole dancer outta the way just to hear it.
You might as well tell her right now...go back to the dressing room....Cos' your gonna love this one.

A 96 FLH in perfect condition found in a 'Barn'..Ok, it was a garage..who cares.
The owners manual and video had not even been opened yet.
Impressive, No?
OK, not really that impressive......You can find low mileage examples if you look hard enough.
Under 3000 that impressive? Quite rare...but not really unheard of.
So how about.......300 miles? Got your attention now don't I?
That's rare for a 13 year old bike....I don't care who you ask.

That's a cool fucking story period.

But...Wait!!!! There's more.

How about...a 96 S&S motored American eagle softail chopper with all the chrome and fancy color shifting paint job done by 5150 Paint and kustoms. [Around a 3500 dollar paint job]
And just for good measure..New Revtech heads and Barrels.
Kustom rims etc.
OH!! Before I forget.....275 actual miles. Yep, you read that right...275.

Now finding these two bikes with a combined mileage of 575...In the same 'barn'
The odds of hearing a story like this is pretty damn rare, Wouldn't you say?

I'll bet your saying 'Holy shit' , Now that's a great goddamn story.

Whoop's...I ain't done yet...;]

How about a 97 Honda Valkrie......The first year edition with the most horsepower.
In showroom condition.....which isn't that amazing....Since it also has only........325 miles.

All three from the same 'Barn' and all three are sitting happily in my shop as I write.
I need to clean the tanks and carb's ...fuel injectors,,oil changes, tires etc...

The current owner wants to ride the FLH and sell the other two
The original owner bought them as 'Investments' back in the day.
Then decided to give them to his son-in-law.
He then contacted a Friend of mine.
I 'm making green to fix em...and I get to ride them.
And I gotta cool post for my readers outta the deal.
Ain't life just grand...;]

PS...I will post pics when I find the damn camera cable to download,

Friday, September 18, 2009


Cane's ears slowly stirred his consciousness into focus. The close quiet hum he was hearing to was alien to him. Slowly opening his eyes and peering into the subdued light. The blinking green numbers flashing on the monitor above his head brought the hazy memory of recent events to clarity.

'Aww, Shit...It wasn't a dream'.

Quiet laughter echoed from the room’s far corner, ’No, It was definitely real'

Cane strained his eyes to focus on the source.

The man speaking from the corner of the room stepped forward into view.

Cane looked to see a weather-beaten face shrouded in long flowing white hair and beard.

It took a few seconds for Cane to realize the vest and leathers the man wore were white.

'Who the hell are you?' Cane asked.

Again the old man laughed, leaning closer to Cane replied softly ’wrong place'

'What do you mean by that?

'I don't come from there'

Confused, Cane stared at the man quizzically and then mumbled 'Oh Shit'

Laughing even louder the old man quipped 'No, I ain't who your thinking' Waving his hands in the air, no robe and no scythe here'

'Then who are you?'

'Lets just say I'm a fan and have been for sometime.'

A Fan? Of what?

'Of you and what you do.'

'I'm not sure I understand'

'You are a good hearted man who strives to live each day honorably and care for your family and friends. Also what you do for kids....Well, let's put it this way, many talk about helping, you actually put yourself out there. For that, I try to keep an extra eye out for you'

Looking down at his body wrapped in bandages Cane muttered 'Good Job'

Smiling the Old man replied 'Yes, I think so'

'I was being sarcastic' If you were watching out for kinda messed up' replied Cane

'I was a little busy at the time, so I did what I could


'Yes, busy. What you didn't see on your little flight was our friend with the scythe waiting in the street. He was so excited at having potential clients he didn't see me coming. I drop kicked his ass' and then barely had time to catch you and your wife in time for a softer landing. You try catching two at a time...let me know how well you do' chortled the old man.

'You did all that?' asked Cane.

'That and more, I have sent people with good hearts and advice to your side, though you don't always listen, I have even helped you out of a few close calls.....You haven't exactly helped make my job any easier.'


'No need to apologize, I really didn't expect you too'.

'Now you’re confusing me'

'I don't have any hold on your free will. The same ability that sometimes hinders, also allows you to take the risk you do for children. They kind of go hand in to speak.'

'Why me?'

'Because I need you'

'You need me? How?'

I can't be everywhere at once; I need people like you to protect the little ones.

'I'm still not sure I understand...aren't you everywhere?

The old man responded laughing 'No, I'm not that guy either'

'Then who are you?'

'Lets just say I'm the "Bikers" aide and leave it at that.'

'Now I'm really confused, if you’re a "Bikers" aide what's that have to do with kids?'

'Since the entire world has free will, there are those who will abuse that privilege. You help to make sure that the little ones don't have theirs taken away. Some lead by your example will also become "Bikers" someday.

By looking out for you, I'm also looking out for them.'

'I won't be able to do much from here' said Cane gesturing at the room.

'As I stated before, you have good people surrounding you. They will keep the flame burning in your absence. Think of it this way, the best steel is forged slowly over fire. In time you will emerge from this stronger, sharper and more focused. When you wake tomorrow, you won't remember this talk we are having...But your soul will.

Cane noticed the old man was slowly receding back into the darkness of the room. Feeling the effects of the medication again he started to drift off to sleep. Before consciousness lost hold he heard the old man whisper.

'Rest up Bro', you still have a Lot to do'

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mystery Bike

The Bike I was crying about..[because I thought he 'blew it up']
1941 Indian Military Model 841.
Only a thousand were made...And all but one was shipped to CA for testing by the armed forces.

The 841 also came with several other new features, including shaft drive, a foot shift, hand clutch, hydraulic girder spring fork, rubber-mounted handlebars, a sprung rear hub and 8-inch drum brakes, all of which made it onto postwar Chiefs.E. Paul duPont, who controlled Indian, had so much faith in the 841 design that he got one for his own use. He rode it around the country, stopping to show dealers and friends, and had grand plans for turning the military 841 into a civilian tourer.But none of that was to be.Although Indian built more than 1,000 examples of the bike and put it through extensive testing in the desert of California, the military never adopted the machine for wartime use. The same was true of Harley’s BMW-like XA. Instead, the primary motorcycle used by American forces was the 750cc V-twin Harley WLA, augmented by Indian’s 500cc V-twin 741 and the 750cc 640B, basically a military version.

Most were deystoyed in testing or scrapped...Never intended for civilian use...As such very few examples exist today...and nearly all that are...are in museums.

When I saw the photo of a civilian owning one...I just about fell off my chair.

Monday, August 17, 2009


I know I haven't posted in a while. Just been busy with bikes and BACA events.
I really didn't have anything new to post since most of our day to day happenings are told on Ann's/Boston's blog...but whoo boy I got a doozy for ya today.....

I stopped by our BACA prez's house this morn to catch up and chat awhile.
He just retuned from a week long trip up in Utah visiting friends and family.
He found some old photos of his grandfather on his bikes just after WW2.

He tells me, "These are pic's of my gramps bikes; one he rode for years....and the other a Triumph.......THAT I BLEW UP."

The first pic was of a 1946 FL, quite rare today....But if you look hard enough you can still find em.....This pic with the windshield and accessories is no doubt the 'Road-going' bike as described.

Posted by Picasa

The other...well, do your reasearch. Hint: American Wartime (it ain't no Triumph!)
Posted by Picasa

I hope this isn't the bike he 'Blew up'........I'll cry for a month.

Postscript.......I had mis-heard....He 'blew up' the picture.......fate of the bike?....lost to time.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Giving the finger

OK, I have been asked to tell this true story more than once.
I usually cloak the truth in analogy's and writers privilege.
I was gonna do that with this one.....Screw it, you get the unaltered version today.
Because if I wrote as a story....You probably would think I was tweaking the details. The things that happened and were said.....Every line is true.
Even when you wouldn't think that people would be Asshole enough to say that.

One hot frigging summer day here in AZ. I pulled into the parking lot of my work and brought the 10 wheeler with a farmers yoke trailer to halt.
Why do I drive this Rig? Because of the double wishbone on the yoke.[picture a flatbed trailer with a y yoke in front of it. The front has a steel ring that goes into a farmers clip. like a ball hitch but less able to guide. The back of the yoke is also able to pivot the front wheels. So when backing up, they want to go in opposite directions] I'm the only one in the yard who can back the sucker up.
Which can come in real handy at some of the blind alleys and hollowed out construction jobs we do.

My good Friend who owns the 88 sporty you all know about..[I'm keeping his name private. From here on out we'll just call him 88]
Rolls up on his forklift and tells me we need the trailer down in the back lot.
I was already out and into my vest getting ready to leave on my bike [This is important later in the story]
OK no problem.
I swing it around and back down the alley in back and down the little hill next to the fence.
Every time I did this in the yard, someone would comment that it was amazing that I could do that. [25 years driving teaches you things ,,Go figure]
So this time it was 88 saying this as he was starting to unhook my trailer for me.
The tension of being on a downward angle from the truck had jammed the front yoke too tight to release.
Just as I said 'Don't put your hand near it' He did.
When two highly sprung blocks of steel slam together and your fingers are in the way?
Somebody is going to be minus a finger...and 88 was.
With a look of pure shock and pain He calmly said I just lost my finger.
Walkimg quickly but steady back to his forklift, wrapped his hand in a rag and drove to the office. So they could take him to the hospital.

Back at the truck, I manage to pry the jaws open on the trailer and retrieve the finger.
Drove my [now] disconnected truck like hell up to the office.
I run inside and tell the receptionist at the front desk. I need ice and a couple of bags.
She looks at me like it's the funniest thing she'd ever seen, and doesn't move an inch.
Placing my boot firmly against her desk and kicking it over a few feet fixed the humor problem...I had a bag of ice and another to cover the finger in less than thirty seconds.
As I was running out the front door she replied 'I'll get you fired for this'
I shot back a look that made it clear to her that right now, silence would be her best course of action.
She quickly shut the fuck up.
So jumping on 'Annabelle and firing her to duty, I placed the bag in my saddlebag and pulled a 20 foot wheelie down the street.
I get out on the highway still pissed at our dipshit desk bunny and hauling ass to the hospital.
I pass a Maricopa police car doing well over the speed limit.
I see him and he doesn't do shit.
So I slow down beside him and motion for him to pull over.
No response other than a incredulous look.
So I start kicking the drivers door [put a nice dent in that sucker]
He swerves into the gravel on the side of the road and stops. I stop just in front of him.
I grabbed the bag out of my saddlebag and run toward the police car.
He's getting ready to draw his weapon.
I yelled 'you gotta get this man's finger to the hospital now!!'
Quickly explaining how I come to be carrying such a thing.
The Dumb ass cop looks at me and says 'We don't do that'
I start yelling.
Are you fucking kidding me! You assholes can't find any stolen items unless the crooks bring them to you and can hardly solve shit. Except give out bullshit tickets? To serve and Protect is just a fucking motto?
At this the Sargent in the passenger seat got out and berated the dumb ass.
'Take the damn finger and let's get it to the hospital, Jackass.'
So off they go, siren's blaring.
I catch up a few minutes later as they are walking back outta the hospital.
The sargent pulls me aside and say's
'The next time you give a cop a finger...Smile.

Postscript...It was all for naught...they couldn't reattach the finger.
As I stepped into the bathroon I saw what the dumbass cop saw.
A long wild haired, grey beard with a bowie knife strapped to his leg. a patch of a maltese cross with skull and bomes on my back. and blood on the front of my shirt.
Riding a obnoxious sounding harley covered in dust...And kicking his door.
I wonder why he didn't want to pull over?

Sunday, July 19, 2009


There's an old joke about a man in a flood sitting on his roof.
First a man on a raft comes by and ask 'Do you need a ride?'
The old man replies 'no ,God will save me'
The rafter leaves.
Then he is followed in secession with a boat ,helicopter etc...
Same question, same answer.
Finally the water rises and the old man dies.
Gets up to St Peter and says What happened, I thought you'd save me?
Peter replies 'What do you want from me? I sent a raft, a boat, a helicopter.....

Why the joke?
Because I was wondering if I wasn't getting the joke being played by the universe.
only in reverse......

There was a open bike night planned for this past Saturday night at the dominant three piece 'Patch' here in the valley. [It's AZ . you figure it out]
My President of B.A.C.A says 'we have to be there'
'OK. no problem'
My bike 'Marie' the Dyna is in the shop getting a gear drive and some bigger cams.
Be ready Thursday night......No sweat.
Thursday comes.....Nope wrong week earliest.
OK....I'll just go out and finish up 'Annabelle' my trusty sporty.
Friday night starting to button it up.....Aww shit, I need two lousy O-rings
Which I don't have. too late to get them in time for tomorrow night and finish up the build and break her in properly.
My Bro Mike says 'take my sporty'
It has a charging issue...But I'm hoping that I have enough time to fix....If not I'll just bring jumper cables as we are not going to far from here anyway.
OK...Good to go.......
He gets the bike over here, I replaced the regulator and it's charging.
Now it's time to go.
Get two miles from the house and the coil or points and condenser start crapping out.
OK, I limp it home.
Fuck it...Take the cage.
Flat tire sitting the driveway....Are you frigging kidding me?
OK pump up the tire... Seems fine
Get two miles from home it goes flat again.......ffffffuckk!!!
Dig out the doughnut spare, seems fine,
One mile...IT goes flat!!
AAggghhh! Screw it, buy a can o fix a flat.
Finally get going.
At this point the joke mentioned earlier keeps popping thru my head...
Except in this case...something goes horribly wrong and I arrived at St Pete's and ask WTF?
And he replies
What'd you want?...I broke everything I could to stop ya..

Contemplating this scenario...I rolled down the window of the cage and flipped the bird to the universe....Fuck you, I'm going.

I went.
Had a great time.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I thought that Mama loved me.
She bought me boots and a bike and all kinds of neat shit.
Now, I ain't so sure.
We went out for dinner the other night on the way to Walmart.
On the menu they had 'Chicken fried steak'
I had a question...
Since there is no 'Chicken' in the damn steak......I don't count the egg used for the batter...It's an egg...not a chicken yet....[No I ain't interested in a roe-v -wade debate]
where the fuck did the chicken fried part come from?
Is there a chicken in the kitchen frying the damn thing?
But I digress..
Anyhow we ended up at Wallys mart and she bought me a pair of shorts for the party.
I was thankful.
Till now.
Here I sit with a bursting bladder.
The shorts she bought are camouflage..
So,Now I can't find the Fucking zipper.......

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cryogenic Rapture

Friday started one second after midnight of Thursdays eve.
Apparently this happens on weekly basis.
It's been going on since time began...or at least since we have had Friday's following Thursday's.
What's this have to do with this post?
Absolutely nothing.
At the time I was sleeping and don't know what the hell was going on.
What's this all have to do with the Williams AZ trip everyone is waiting to hear about?
Not a damn thing.
Hell, even the title of this post has nothing to do with this day's actually applies to Saturday.
{I'm a regular friggin' suspence writer}
In case you missed it....At midnight..I was sleeping.
Pay attention!

I awoke at the crack of Nine-ish and headed out to my big two wheeler.
[OK so it's a sporty and most don't consider it big.....and it's not really mine...belongs to a Friend]
Abruptly I came to a halt.
I forgot to open the door.
Twisting the doorknob like a panheads twistgrip attached to a super E fuel mixer...[Poetic, Ain't it?]
I opened the door.
I walked over to the scoot and threw a leg over.
Flipped the switch and reached for the starter button.
Only to be interrupted by a loud yelling coming from the doorway.
'You need to get dressed first'
Ann had noticed I had no clothes on.
Damn! She's picky today.
So I had to start all over again...
Finally getting my shit together, We headed off to the wild blue....ummm
After a long drive..[5000 feet] We stopped at a house five streets up from ours and looked at a Black Cherry 99 Dyna.
Ann bought it and said Happy Fathers day!
Which I thought was strange...As Fathers day was on the upcoming Sunday.
But being graciously humble I didn't point that out to her.
{Yes I know..I'm wonderful like that}
Getting down the highway going up to get low in the AZ high country.
Like two Frito's diving into salsa con queso, we were a tasty pair..
{Try singing that one ,Dylan}
Stopping at the local HD dealer on the way, we bought the Harley museum archives book.
[Highly recommended]
Rumbling along [we were hungry] we opted to stop at the casino along the way.
After a hardy meal we cropdusted the casino isles.
Relived of the gastro-intestinal issues and recieving nasty looks from the patrons at the slot-machines, We got while the going was good.
Near Flagstaff it started to rain.
I had no jacket.
[if you weren't paying attention...I had some fabric related issues earlier in the day]
Bought a sweater-jacket at the Big 5 sports store.
I was toasty.......The rain stopped.
Finally arriving in Williams AZ.
The assistant police chief greeted us as we dismounted.
Apparently he hadn't ever heard a sporty with a nasty big block Chevy cackle.
He was impressed.
Registering for the Rumble. [I'm smart like that]
We proceeded towards our hotel.
Stopping at a stop sign because that's what your supposed to do.
[That's why it's called a stop sign..Dipshit]
I looked over and saw AZ Harley Dude and Linda stopped at the other stop sign.
{Why?.... you paying attention here?...I ain't explaining it again}
Saying Hello....Because that's what you do when you meet people.
We had a quiet talk on the sidewalk. It would have been ridiculous to yell loudly as we were just a couple feet from each other.
We agreed to meet later at the local watering hole.
I think it was misnamed because I didn't really see anybody drinking water.

I partook in some of Lynchburg Tennessee's finest liquid libation.
[Partook and libation in the same sentence...50 points..Yee-hah!]

Fuzzily watching Ann molest all the wooden animals in town and even seeing her attempt to give a pine cowboy statue a blow job.
Guessing wisely that she must need some wood.
I headed her off to the hotel.
Then came Saturday........

Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Favorite Word

Monday, June 8, 2009

A Short Post.


Monday, May 11, 2009

Road Therapy.

Mounting up and firing the iron horse called 88 to life, the walls of the surrounding concrete canyon echoed with a sinister roar of a snarling stallion.
Two more steel steeds announced their displeasure at sitting idle.
Snapping the darkness away with white light and blue flame, the dirt rose in protest as the three snicked into gear in unison and painted the asphalt a darker shade of black.
Unleashed and full of fury, earlier today these chariots had given full measure of compassion for a child treated wrongly. Proudly carrying safely the newest young member of B.A.C.A. They had spent all the empathy allotted them for the day.
Rage was all that was left. This valley was gonna hear the bellowing angry scream.
As if to haunt the sleep of an abuser, the steeds wound up and casting showers of orange sparks they tore down the off ramp leading to the highway. The heat generated from the friction of steel on pavement gave the floorboard of the first iron horse an eerie glow, if only for an instant.
Just under a hundred and still gaining momentum the three riders held the steel reins of the chrome,war painted palominos racing to outrun the horror of child abuse.
The wind, rumble and speed would be the therapy needed.
The stench of evil would be lost in the dust, passed from view just for the duration.
Cool desert air was breathed to capacity in iron and flesh lungs. White and red streaks galloped clear.
The cloak of night swallowed the tragedies and injustices of days recent.

Tomorrow the world will still turn and the the destiny of souls will still follow.
But tonight....just briefly....nine broke free, three of steel and six of flesh.

Friday, March 27, 2009

I'm Famous!

I'm famous! I had no idea that I inspired a beer commercial! And I don't even drink beer!

Monday, February 16, 2009


'Happy Birthday son. Your eighteen today. how's it feel?'

'Thanks Dad, OK, I guess'

'You Guess? What the hell kinda answer is that?'

'It's just that I have been doing a lot of thinking'

'About what?'

'My future, and what my life will be like, where it's going to go'

'Son ,it will go where you take it. It's the choices that you make that will determine it's path.'

'Yes I know, But will it be as interesting as yours?'

'I'm not sure I follow'

'What I mean is, will it be as well traveled and respected as yours is?'

'Did I teach you to honor your family and friends through thick and thin. Also did I teach you to give a hard days work for a honest days pay? Always keep in touch over the years as time and distance intervene?


'Then I don't see the problem'

'Well it's just you cast a long shadow'

'I do? How so?

'Your bro's respect you. And ladies love what you represent. You have story's enough to carry a normal person's lifetime.'

'So , What I'm abnormal now?' Where's this line of talk coming from? Do you think my life's unusual? It just depends on your perception of it. Whats normal for me isn't necessarily be gonna be normal for you. Nor' would I want it to be, And neither should you.'

'You get along so well with most people. I don't think I have that skill.'

'Say's who?.

'Say's me. Even my brother talks more like you and even act's alot like you.'

'That's his skill, you have yours. Your brother is like me in some ways and in a lot of them he isn't. He is himself...And so are you. And you have more of me in you than you think. With additional skills I can never hope to have.' I wouldn't want a pair of "Mini Me's".'

'But Dad, the things you have seen and done. I could only hope to have even half of that kind of life. I'd die happy.

'That's funny I used to think the same thing about my father.

'You did?'

' Hell yes, He lived through the depression. Went to war in a B17 bomber in a belly turret. Shot down a Focke-Wolf. Received several medals for bravery. Got the DFC with 4 oak leaf clusters.

Went to Korea as a Infantryman. Saved 2 wounded GI's while dispatching the enemy with his sidearm. Traveled all over the world, was written about twice in the Stars and stripes.

Raised a family and started a new successful career after retiring from the service. I could go on and on.

'Now, That's a huge shadow to follow.'

'Do you think that anymore?'

'No I don't' I realized that his is just a different shadow. Thanks to Ann. I see that my life although vastly different...Is in a lot of ways very similar. Looking back I fought battles that took just as much courage to get pass. I didn't have bullets being shot at me from a 50 cal.

But I've had my own close calls with death. And dead is dead no matter how it arrives.

And travels? I saw things that grandpa could only imagine. same as me for him, and will be for you.'

'You really think so?'

'No I don't think......I know. You leave for active duty in the military tomorrow. Correct?


' Do you honestly believe your life's gonna be boring? After all....You are my son.
Your shadows gonna dwarf mine I'm sure.

'Since you put it that way. I think not.

'Happy birthday Son'

'Damn straight it is'

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tranny Blues.

My Friend went to pick up a pile of scrap metal and found this engine. Brought it over to me and asked what the hell is it? There are no markings other than the serial # stamped on the case. 1 hour later I called him and said you found a 59 ST 165 cc 5.5hp Harley Davidson Hummer engine. Lucky Bastard! While not worth a huge hunk of change.....It's still a whole lotta 'F--kin A' factor. Certainly cooler than my Aermachi Italian HD moped motor.
At least this was cast here in the US. [Yes I know it was a German DKW design]

I finally got a '16 over Girder for my Trumpet......Also took in 2 500 cc triumph motors and a small stash of parts In trade for the BSA frame and motor.

Here's the Indian I was fitting for a different seat. Also added a sissy bar. This was interesting as the changes had to be made with no changes or modifications to the bike itself. Made custom mounts for the attachment points. Remove four stock bolts...slip the brackets out and put the original seat back on. No Irreversible changes made..
BTW...This is a 2003 Spirit Scout. Basically a S&S motor in a softail frame.
Not a 'Real ' Indian. Nice bike...But it ain't a Springfield MA. bike
[that's where the original Indians were produced]

And now the reason for the title of the post........Annabelle is still Down.
After assembling the clutch basket on the bike. There was too much play between the clutch hub splines and the clutch gear mainshaft. The intense vibration from the loose magnets had worn the splines loose. I have to locate a clutch hub and probably the clutch gear.
Only 85-90 parts will fit. I haven't even begun to figure where to look with my budget right now. [Zero] I'll figure something out. I always do.
P.S I think 'Annebelle is jealous of my previous ride. Eveytime I say the triumph is next on the list of work to do....She breaks down. Hmmm?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Desert Vengence 7

"Pull up some stools, this is gonna take a while," said Animal.

The tavern fell silent as all gathered to hear Animal. Sitting silently for a spell it seemed as if he was looking for a place to start. Reaching into his pocket he pulled out a dollar bill. "This is gonna be an audio-visual lesson. Everyone pull out a George Washington and hold it in your hands."

Watching the brothers surrounding him he waited until all had complied.

Taking a long swig from his mug he began, "On the back of the dollar bill you see two official seals, the eagle and the pyramid. Let's start with the eagle. It has 33 feathers on the right wing and 32 on the left. 33 is the number universally accepted as the number for the Freemasons. In fact the main headquarters of the organization is in Washington D.C known as the 33rd Council of Scottish Rite. The president that approved of the placing of the seals on the dollar was Franklin D. Roosevelt, the 32nd president. Also a known Freemason."

"It is considered by many conspiracy theorist that the Freemasons have a belief system that is vastly different than mainstream religions. It is also believed that they have a hidden agenda to abolish governments and religions. Are you with me so far?" All nodded in assent.

"OK, let's look at the other seal...It's generally believed that it represents an unfinished pyramid, and placed above it is the all seeing eye of God, also known as a symbol for the Egyptian sun god Amu-Ra. The script at the bottom'Novus Ordo Seclorum' translates to new order of the ages."

"What you need to know is that while's not correct. The pyramid isn't unfinished. There is no peak missing. It's an amalgamation of an Egyptian tomb and a Mayan temple. The all seeing eye is a ship in the sky watching."

Oracle stood up and walked over to Animal's table and lifted his mug. He held it up to his nose, sniffed the contents and asked, "What the hell did they put in your drink? "

Animal replied, " You think I'm drunk now...wait until you hear all of the story."

Looking Animal over closely Oracle could see he was serious. He placed Animal's drink back in front of him and with a wave of his hand said, "Continue."

"Alright, beginning on a completely different note: You have all been to Sedona and felt the so called 'energy' of the place, correct?"

Nodding in agreement all the brothers waited for Animal to continue.

"The vortexes people speak of are comprised of Diamagnetic energy. With extreme amplification of this current you can defy gravity. But the aging process accelerates while you're in the anti-gravity field."

"In fact astronauts coming back from zero gravity environments show signs of rapid aging, and until now no one really knew why. Gravity helps to regulate time in anything biological, but it's a small effect. The real cause is that while never realizing it, those astronauts have been passing through a dimensional rift. Just enough passes through to affect them."

"But the side effect is like a stone thrown in a pond; the ripples fan out and dissipate, unless the ripples reach the vortexes in Sedona and other so-called energy spots around the world. The ripples tear the diamgnectic force fields between their dimension and ours."

"This happened over 10,000 years ago when those in the other dimension accidentaly broke through. They were known as a race by the name Amu-Ra. They weren't aliens they were time travelers from their dimension; a parallel. They had been conducting time travel experiments and had already 'watched' the birth of man."

"They left behind the story of man's origins placed at various points all over the globe, so no one tribe could claim all the knowledge. When the energy fields lined up correctly, they went back through the rift into their parallel."

"The next time the energies align is December 24, 2011. They said they will return to see how man has progressed. Everything the scribes left behind has been corrupted over the last 10 centuries; altered and rewritten to fit whatever agenda the local people had in mind to gain power."

"Except two. One buried in a Mayan temple and the copy that secret societies have passed through the years from the Celts to the Templar Knights onto the Priory of Sion and finally to the Freemasons. All these groups have worn the title 'Keepers of the Secret'."

"Now back to Franklin D Roosevelt. He put in motion various programs to prepare the world for the return of the Amu-Ra. All these years later in subtle and not so subtle ways, they have been raising the conciousness of the world."

"Lately for example, TV shows about aliens and other possible life in the universe, the decline in Christianity and other religions around the world, the increase of non-religous scientific thinking. Books in the mainstream like the Da Vinci code and movies like National Treasure; all of these are clues to slowly prepare mankind for the return."

"Now, all of this was pure conjecture with only the one known copy. The discovery by the scientist matched the Freemason's scribe word for word. They are coming back and the world isn't ready yet. If this gets out before they arrive and the world's population hasn't been acclimated, anarchy will reign."

"We need to stop Tank before he sets the world ablaze."