Thursday, December 17, 2009

Charitable Intentions

I have a question and I hope one of my more knowledgeable readers can perhaps explain this to me.

If you have a business whatever it may be, the standard wisdom for all types is take your profits and reinvest them back into your inventory.
Buy more product to sell, or invest in new equipment for said purpose. Do not take those profits and use them for anything other than increasing business.

This is standard business 101, taught in any good class from Harvard to community college.

All in agreement so far?.

Here's my quandary.

A business here in AZ. [Which by all involved vehemently deny it is one] but let's go with our all knowing governments version and say it is. I personally don't agree with that...but let's for the sake of this argument say it's true.
According to the same government it is a "criminal organization" that deals in nefarious purposes.
Now this said organization took some of it's profits and bought a truckload of toys to give to children.
When they arrived to deliver the toys...They were denied access to giving the toys away.
????? WTF?
Well it seems the local law enforcement in it's wisdom decided to tell the charity 'Don't accept these toys..they are bought with criminal profits'.
Who loses out in this scenario?
The innocent children lose out on Christmas.
The 'Bad guys' will correctly now decide that since spending money on charity is a waste if time, put it back in inventory.
The 'product' they sell will not be diminished one fucking Iota by this denial.
They are not gonna close up shop and go away because....[Awww, they won't let us give stuff away]
The 'customers' don't buy from them because 'hey..they help kids'. They could give a shit less one way or the other.
OK...So far the kids lost...the 'criminals' kept more of their profits to buy more product and equipment..[being criminals...that would naturally mean more guns and such].
So who came out ahead here?
Law enforcement?
Most see it as making innocents pay for the wages of crime. The organization they are fighting actually gains in strength because they now have more money to continue their 'nefarious efforts' and actually close ranks among themselves , becoming a tighter group.
The LEO's now face a better equipped army against them, the public perception of them is diminished because they just made innocent children who are already down on their luck pay the price.
These kids will not remember why....Only that a 'Cop' prevented Christmas.
And will most likely in the future look on 'Cops' as assholes.
Showing LESS respect for the law,,not more.
So my question is......Just who the hell came out ahead in this scenario?


Anonymous said...

These "businesses" all have a bad name, it doesn't matter what "company logo" it is. I personnally have met several, partied with several, and have never had a problem with any of them. I am "unemployed" and do not have a business card with any "company logo", so maybe that has something to do with it. I think, however, we need to look at the broader picture. What about the kids? Big Daddy couldn't have said it better.
I would just like to say
"Thank you law enforcement for making a less than fortunate child's christmas...

"Joker" said...

I agree that it is the kids who lose out here. It'd be one thing if said "business" hijacked the truckload of toys and the cops knew they were all stolen. But if the toys were bought, how do they know where the dough came from? They assume criminal profit...they may even be right...but if that's so then catch them in the act of said criminal profit. Not letting the kids have the toys only ruins things for the kids.

Even though you didn't mention it, I'm going to assume that the folks who run this business are pretty smart, since the cops can't seem to shut them down. I hope they find a way to do an end run around the local LEOs and somehow get the toys to the kids via a neutral 3rd party.

Sometimes a direct assault isn't the way to go, and a Trojan Horse manuever is called for. Cops suck.

Mister Zip 66 said...
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IowaHarleyGirl (Stephanie) said...

Ok, seriously...the "bad guys" were trying to do good. The kids should get the toys. The cops are just mad because they can't shut them down so in the end the innocent suffer for it.

Mister Zip 66 said...

I agree with you 100% caveman. It's funny, our last rally in Mesquite I was event coordinator for and got all our vendors lined up. they were asked to bring a 25 dollar toy for their booth. One of the "Businesses" that set up a booth gave us 200 bucks worth of our best toys.

Good post. Thanks, I hate cops worse now.

Dean "D-Day" said...

Ok. I guess since I've lived on both sides of this line, I get to give the opposing viewpoint.

The toy runs that these "businesses" do are nothing but a smoke screen. "Oh, look at the bikers. They're just big teddy bears giving away toys to underpriviledged children. How wonderful they are!" Horseshit! It's nothing but a P.R. stunt and everyone knows it. It's just to draw the public's attention away from their real "business" dealings. Law enforcement is merely trying to educate the public as to these "businesses" real motives.

Do the children lose out? Unfortunately they do. But these "businesses" do a lot more harm than good and destroy people's lives on a regular basis. The public and the children need to be educated as to why the toy give-aways are a sham!

P.S. Not that I believe a word of anything I just typed but someone had to give the counterpoint. And just for the record, I've developed a real bad taste for cops myself ever since I got my two wheels underneath me.

Big Daddy said...

even it is a "smokescreen' the general public believes what it wants anyway.
If they are really criminals..catch them doing the illigal activities and put them on trial.
Those who believe they are crooks will always think that...
and those who don't...won't.
Niether argument even matters.
There are plenty of other venues the cops can use to destroy an organizations credibility.
But what they are really telling us is that a bunch of lowdown dirty uneducated crooks have been able to outwit the nations 'Best and brightest' for over 50 years and they have to resort to cheap tactics to beat them..

Making INNOCENT kids suffer shouldn't be one of them.

Dean "D-Day" said...

I agree with you totally. Like I said, "Not that I believe a word of anything I just typed...".

My whole response was kinda "tongue in cheek".

Big Daddy said...

I Don't think you disagreed with me Dean.
Just playing point/counterpoint ;]

Arizona Harley Dude said...

Let’s see. A Business trying to get some good PR. Leo protecting the public interest. Children just wanting to be children and enjoy the season.

Business just got more publicity than they would have gotten by delivering toys. Leo gets a huge black eye for depriving deserving children. Children get the shaft in the name of saving society from criminal activity.

Who looses? Why it is the children of course. They must be young and impressionable and getting a toy for Christmas will cause them to grow up to join the “Business” that gave them a bit of joy in their childhood. There are things I just don’t understand in life and this is one of them.

Just a point…..The police sponsored toy run is this Sunday and they are waaaay short of toys. Short, to the point of asking the public to help out…for the children. Now is it possible that this Business is in a position to make law enforcement look really bad at this time of the year?

Big Daddy said...

I did not know that LEO's had a problem filling thier coffers with toys.
Not to sound like a conspiracy theorist....But..
I am the only one who now knowing this wonders if this conversation took place somwhere in the hallowed halls of justice?

"We get get enongh toys for the kids...So let's stop those who can, So we don't look incompetent"

Willy D said...

While I can’t condone criminal activity, I can say that Robin Hood and Al Capone were beloved individuals that helped a hell of a lot of folks in need.

The local law enforcement is teaching the kids that if you don’t conform to what we say is an acceptable life style, then you don’t belong in “our” society. That’s a really f’d-up situation.

Thankfully we have so many cops in this area that ride Harleys, that kind of crap would not be tolerated. Even though we have people on both sides of the fence, it’s my observation, at least in this area, that when it comes to a charity, differences are put aside for the day. Or at least for a few hours.

Ann said...

Willy D, you nailed it. Put aside your differences, big or small, just for 3-4 hours. These kids would have benefitted. And how is that a bad thing?

ratone said...

And the cops wonder why they are viewed as assholes..they are in this case..I hope those toys get delivered door to door..Merry Christmas kids we just arrested Santa..Damn..

Webster World said...

There is truth here point counterpoint. It all does boil down to the fact this is Christmas. A time of peace, love, and giving. Those folks with the toys have kids and grandkids and hearts for giving. I don't think this time of year would be the smokescreen like some others. It's Christmas. What the hells wrong with the police chief? Sounds to me he needs his(her) diaper changed.

Mister Zip 66 said...

I have a few good friend who are in the business. I also have friends who became cops. They do alot of the same fucking things. One just has a recognized authority. Ive had things comfiscated from me (past tense) that i know for a fact cops used for their own personal use and sold the rest in their own home based "business".

Not everyone is either all bad or all good. Let them give toys to kids. Kids are the only thing in the damn world that are unequivocally 100% ALL GOOD. screw the bastards who denied that. Get em on something else.

RazorsEdge2112 said...

This "business" certainly could have reinvested their profits, but opted to use them for charitable purposes. Whether it was for PR or honest altruism is beyond the point.

What of the alcohol and tobacco companies that give millions to charitable organizations? (Yes, I smoke and drink) but some could state these groups are "immoral" and contribute to the degradation of society's fabric. Where is the difference? I don't see a group denying Budweiser the opportunity to give thousands of dollars to charitable groups. It is indeed a dance of PR and philanthropy.

IMHO, the long and the short of this is that the kids loose. LEO looses and the "business" gets a win, but likely not the way they wanted.

mq01 said...

im gonna go a little sideways with $0.02 here. GAAP recognizes "goodwill". different companies, different reserves, different amts allocated, different types of donations, but all in all it is GOODWILL. you cant stop a biz from giving away GOODWILL, its actually promoted and "generally accepted accounting practice". no cop can stand in the way of that, unless there is PROOF of something like it was illegally gained goods.... otherwise you cant stop anyone from giving away stuff.

Jen said...

You could always donate the toys to Toys for Tots and the kids would still have Christmas...which is the intention of your business at this time of year, regardless.

Sometimes anonymity is greater than notoriety.

Big Daddy said...

Rest assured the toys spoke of in this post made it into the intended recipients hands regardless of the police's efforts.
That was never in doubt.

While the sentiment is apprecieated I think you may have have had a little misunderstanding..
BACA which is our organization, is not the business refered to in the post.
We have not been labeled a criminal street gang.
The point of the post wasn't whether or not the kids would get the toys...but the public and childrens perception of cops after this bonehead move by LEO's.

FLHX_Dave said...

Man, I have been gone...doing stuff. Sorry I'm late.

It takes one to know one. It takes the same type of individual to work both sides. The only true difference is the perspective of who their efforts are helping. It's just simply about who is right and who is wrong in their own minds and who they want to see succeed and who they don't.

Paranoid society sees it at an attempt to try and brainwash a generation. They fear that what some would see as "bad" will be seen as good. They don't want this. It goes against what they are working for...I understand that even though it's not my way.

This really is about business, but more along the lines of supply and demand. Why does "the business" thrive? DEMAND, pure and simple. What happened to innocent until proven guilty?...hmmm...what really kills me is most of these self righteous people are contributing to the demand...just won't let anyone know about it until it's time to hit rehab, or whatever.

I could go on and on....I'm into mental masturbation...however, I guess it boils down to this.

Did any of these folks who denied the donation send back their stimulus checks when they came in?....oh hell no!!!! aahhhhh...corruption is simply in the eye of the beholder. Who is really the bad man here. It simply rests in your perspective. Slavery, the Native Americans, The Crusades, WWII Japanese relocation, Segregation...alot of folks thought they were right at the time...stupid fucks.

Shit, I need to shut up now! I know I went way out there...but, it's all the same thing...just the same old thing.

Anonymous said...
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Jay Green said...

I find it hard to believe that the charitable organization couldn't find an alternative charity to donate the toys to. Of course that doesn't answer your question but the important thing was to get the toys to the needy children.

WooleyBugger said...

What it all boils down to is which businesses are scratching whose political backs and greasing who's palms. Get my drift?

KT Did said...

Well...I see a problem with the fact that they were told "previous" that the toys were bought with criminal monies. If they knew that... then why and how did it get as far as purchasing toys, packing them up, and delivering them (or trying to deliver them in this case). Looks to me they allowed this business to make business and then call it illegal without busting anyone. Silly stupid... and all this caused the kids to go without in one of worst years in history for charities.

Anonymous said...
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