Friday, September 18, 2009


Cane's ears slowly stirred his consciousness into focus. The close quiet hum he was hearing to was alien to him. Slowly opening his eyes and peering into the subdued light. The blinking green numbers flashing on the monitor above his head brought the hazy memory of recent events to clarity.

'Aww, Shit...It wasn't a dream'.

Quiet laughter echoed from the room’s far corner, ’No, It was definitely real'

Cane strained his eyes to focus on the source.

The man speaking from the corner of the room stepped forward into view.

Cane looked to see a weather-beaten face shrouded in long flowing white hair and beard.

It took a few seconds for Cane to realize the vest and leathers the man wore were white.

'Who the hell are you?' Cane asked.

Again the old man laughed, leaning closer to Cane replied softly ’wrong place'

'What do you mean by that?

'I don't come from there'

Confused, Cane stared at the man quizzically and then mumbled 'Oh Shit'

Laughing even louder the old man quipped 'No, I ain't who your thinking' Waving his hands in the air, no robe and no scythe here'

'Then who are you?'

'Lets just say I'm a fan and have been for sometime.'

A Fan? Of what?

'Of you and what you do.'

'I'm not sure I understand'

'You are a good hearted man who strives to live each day honorably and care for your family and friends. Also what you do for kids....Well, let's put it this way, many talk about helping, you actually put yourself out there. For that, I try to keep an extra eye out for you'

Looking down at his body wrapped in bandages Cane muttered 'Good Job'

Smiling the Old man replied 'Yes, I think so'

'I was being sarcastic' If you were watching out for kinda messed up' replied Cane

'I was a little busy at the time, so I did what I could


'Yes, busy. What you didn't see on your little flight was our friend with the scythe waiting in the street. He was so excited at having potential clients he didn't see me coming. I drop kicked his ass' and then barely had time to catch you and your wife in time for a softer landing. You try catching two at a time...let me know how well you do' chortled the old man.

'You did all that?' asked Cane.

'That and more, I have sent people with good hearts and advice to your side, though you don't always listen, I have even helped you out of a few close calls.....You haven't exactly helped make my job any easier.'


'No need to apologize, I really didn't expect you too'.

'Now you’re confusing me'

'I don't have any hold on your free will. The same ability that sometimes hinders, also allows you to take the risk you do for children. They kind of go hand in to speak.'

'Why me?'

'Because I need you'

'You need me? How?'

I can't be everywhere at once; I need people like you to protect the little ones.

'I'm still not sure I understand...aren't you everywhere?

The old man responded laughing 'No, I'm not that guy either'

'Then who are you?'

'Lets just say I'm the "Bikers" aide and leave it at that.'

'Now I'm really confused, if you’re a "Bikers" aide what's that have to do with kids?'

'Since the entire world has free will, there are those who will abuse that privilege. You help to make sure that the little ones don't have theirs taken away. Some lead by your example will also become "Bikers" someday.

By looking out for you, I'm also looking out for them.'

'I won't be able to do much from here' said Cane gesturing at the room.

'As I stated before, you have good people surrounding you. They will keep the flame burning in your absence. Think of it this way, the best steel is forged slowly over fire. In time you will emerge from this stronger, sharper and more focused. When you wake tomorrow, you won't remember this talk we are having...But your soul will.

Cane noticed the old man was slowly receding back into the darkness of the room. Feeling the effects of the medication again he started to drift off to sleep. Before consciousness lost hold he heard the old man whisper.

'Rest up Bro', you still have a Lot to do'