Thursday, January 15, 2009

Desert Vengence 7

"Pull up some stools, this is gonna take a while," said Animal.

The tavern fell silent as all gathered to hear Animal. Sitting silently for a spell it seemed as if he was looking for a place to start. Reaching into his pocket he pulled out a dollar bill. "This is gonna be an audio-visual lesson. Everyone pull out a George Washington and hold it in your hands."

Watching the brothers surrounding him he waited until all had complied.

Taking a long swig from his mug he began, "On the back of the dollar bill you see two official seals, the eagle and the pyramid. Let's start with the eagle. It has 33 feathers on the right wing and 32 on the left. 33 is the number universally accepted as the number for the Freemasons. In fact the main headquarters of the organization is in Washington D.C known as the 33rd Council of Scottish Rite. The president that approved of the placing of the seals on the dollar was Franklin D. Roosevelt, the 32nd president. Also a known Freemason."

"It is considered by many conspiracy theorist that the Freemasons have a belief system that is vastly different than mainstream religions. It is also believed that they have a hidden agenda to abolish governments and religions. Are you with me so far?" All nodded in assent.

"OK, let's look at the other seal...It's generally believed that it represents an unfinished pyramid, and placed above it is the all seeing eye of God, also known as a symbol for the Egyptian sun god Amu-Ra. The script at the bottom'Novus Ordo Seclorum' translates to new order of the ages."

"What you need to know is that while's not correct. The pyramid isn't unfinished. There is no peak missing. It's an amalgamation of an Egyptian tomb and a Mayan temple. The all seeing eye is a ship in the sky watching."

Oracle stood up and walked over to Animal's table and lifted his mug. He held it up to his nose, sniffed the contents and asked, "What the hell did they put in your drink? "

Animal replied, " You think I'm drunk now...wait until you hear all of the story."

Looking Animal over closely Oracle could see he was serious. He placed Animal's drink back in front of him and with a wave of his hand said, "Continue."

"Alright, beginning on a completely different note: You have all been to Sedona and felt the so called 'energy' of the place, correct?"

Nodding in agreement all the brothers waited for Animal to continue.

"The vortexes people speak of are comprised of Diamagnetic energy. With extreme amplification of this current you can defy gravity. But the aging process accelerates while you're in the anti-gravity field."

"In fact astronauts coming back from zero gravity environments show signs of rapid aging, and until now no one really knew why. Gravity helps to regulate time in anything biological, but it's a small effect. The real cause is that while never realizing it, those astronauts have been passing through a dimensional rift. Just enough passes through to affect them."

"But the side effect is like a stone thrown in a pond; the ripples fan out and dissipate, unless the ripples reach the vortexes in Sedona and other so-called energy spots around the world. The ripples tear the diamgnectic force fields between their dimension and ours."

"This happened over 10,000 years ago when those in the other dimension accidentaly broke through. They were known as a race by the name Amu-Ra. They weren't aliens they were time travelers from their dimension; a parallel. They had been conducting time travel experiments and had already 'watched' the birth of man."

"They left behind the story of man's origins placed at various points all over the globe, so no one tribe could claim all the knowledge. When the energy fields lined up correctly, they went back through the rift into their parallel."

"The next time the energies align is December 24, 2011. They said they will return to see how man has progressed. Everything the scribes left behind has been corrupted over the last 10 centuries; altered and rewritten to fit whatever agenda the local people had in mind to gain power."

"Except two. One buried in a Mayan temple and the copy that secret societies have passed through the years from the Celts to the Templar Knights onto the Priory of Sion and finally to the Freemasons. All these groups have worn the title 'Keepers of the Secret'."

"Now back to Franklin D Roosevelt. He put in motion various programs to prepare the world for the return of the Amu-Ra. All these years later in subtle and not so subtle ways, they have been raising the conciousness of the world."

"Lately for example, TV shows about aliens and other possible life in the universe, the decline in Christianity and other religions around the world, the increase of non-religous scientific thinking. Books in the mainstream like the Da Vinci code and movies like National Treasure; all of these are clues to slowly prepare mankind for the return."

"Now, all of this was pure conjecture with only the one known copy. The discovery by the scientist matched the Freemason's scribe word for word. They are coming back and the world isn't ready yet. If this gets out before they arrive and the world's population hasn't been acclimated, anarchy will reign."

"We need to stop Tank before he sets the world ablaze."