Friday, March 26, 2010

Blink of an Eye

A local club of riding Friends woke up today to a gorgeous riding day.
Temperatures in the low eighties, slight breeze blowing,air crisp and clean.
Gathering at the designated meeting point proudly wearing their 'cuts' sporting Kruzers AZ upon their backs.
Brotherhood and camaraderie is their stated creed. Having a good day together is the mission.
Laughing, joking someone no doubt chided another for being a little late. another chimed in 'He can't help it...he had to get his wife's permission'.
Rolling out along Cave Creek road it felt good to be riding.....This is what it's all about.

Across town A man arrived at work..Just another day at the ol' grindstone.
Gotta make a living. bills to pay and all.
Awesome spring day, shame to be having to work today.
Perhaps this weekend a barbecue or a day just lounging around with family or Friends.
Just one more day till Friday and...

The riders rode leisurely up Cave Creek road as the leader goosed his engine just a little. smiling back at his Brother, challenging him just a little.
Further back in the pack a riders wife was making silly gestures causing the biker alongside to loose his composure and break out in audible fits of laughter.
Even further back in the pack another brothers chest swelled just a little with pride as he watched his close-knit group enjoying the hell out of this day....A few more miles and he'll buy them all a round at the Hideaway.
Rolling up to the stop sign behind a car, the packs energy was ready for some partying.
Great food and a cold one, this is gonna be a day for the books.

The worker fired up his truck. headed out of the yard to his destination.
Driving along his thoughts wandered just a little.
Routes, schedules and maybe a little thought to the upcoming weekend.
A slight bump in the road shook the log/manifest papers loose from his clipboard.
Reaching down to the right to retrieve the fallen papers,
His eyes looked to the floor for just an instant.

Somewhere in the this Valley tonight.
A group of close Friends will never laugh together again.
Three families are mourning the loss of their loved one.
Six more are desperately praying that the loved ones still in ICU will still be alive in the morning. Many strangers are sleeping fitfully..trying to not replay the days horrific sights in their minds eye.
And One man..sits with the knowledge that his life as he knew it has ended.
The years of nightmares, His probable multiple convictions for manslaugther.

How did all this happen so quickly?
Afterall,,,It was for just an instant...Right?

Please, keep your eyes on the road and pay attention to your driving.