Friday, November 13, 2009

Modern 'Bike in Barn' story

We've all heard the proverbial 'Bike in a barn ' story.
Bikers sit up and Pay rapt attention when one is told.
Hell, If it's a real good one we'll even push the chatty naked pole dancer outta the way just to hear it.
You might as well tell her right now...go back to the dressing room....Cos' your gonna love this one.

A 96 FLH in perfect condition found in a 'Barn'..Ok, it was a garage..who cares.
The owners manual and video had not even been opened yet.
Impressive, No?
OK, not really that impressive......You can find low mileage examples if you look hard enough.
Under 3000 that impressive? Quite rare...but not really unheard of.
So how about.......300 miles? Got your attention now don't I?
That's rare for a 13 year old bike....I don't care who you ask.

That's a cool fucking story period.

But...Wait!!!! There's more.

How about...a 96 S&S motored American eagle softail chopper with all the chrome and fancy color shifting paint job done by 5150 Paint and kustoms. [Around a 3500 dollar paint job]
And just for good measure..New Revtech heads and Barrels.
Kustom rims etc.
OH!! Before I forget.....275 actual miles. Yep, you read that right...275.

Now finding these two bikes with a combined mileage of 575...In the same 'barn'
The odds of hearing a story like this is pretty damn rare, Wouldn't you say?

I'll bet your saying 'Holy shit' , Now that's a great goddamn story.

Whoop's...I ain't done yet...;]

How about a 97 Honda Valkrie......The first year edition with the most horsepower.
In showroom condition.....which isn't that amazing....Since it also has only........325 miles.

All three from the same 'Barn' and all three are sitting happily in my shop as I write.
I need to clean the tanks and carb's ...fuel injectors,,oil changes, tires etc...

The current owner wants to ride the FLH and sell the other two
The original owner bought them as 'Investments' back in the day.
Then decided to give them to his son-in-law.
He then contacted a Friend of mine.
I 'm making green to fix em...and I get to ride them.
And I gotta cool post for my readers outta the deal.
Ain't life just grand...;]

PS...I will post pics when I find the damn camera cable to download,