Monday, February 16, 2009


'Happy Birthday son. Your eighteen today. how's it feel?'

'Thanks Dad, OK, I guess'

'You Guess? What the hell kinda answer is that?'

'It's just that I have been doing a lot of thinking'

'About what?'

'My future, and what my life will be like, where it's going to go'

'Son ,it will go where you take it. It's the choices that you make that will determine it's path.'

'Yes I know, But will it be as interesting as yours?'

'I'm not sure I follow'

'What I mean is, will it be as well traveled and respected as yours is?'

'Did I teach you to honor your family and friends through thick and thin. Also did I teach you to give a hard days work for a honest days pay? Always keep in touch over the years as time and distance intervene?


'Then I don't see the problem'

'Well it's just you cast a long shadow'

'I do? How so?

'Your bro's respect you. And ladies love what you represent. You have story's enough to carry a normal person's lifetime.'

'So , What I'm abnormal now?' Where's this line of talk coming from? Do you think my life's unusual? It just depends on your perception of it. Whats normal for me isn't necessarily be gonna be normal for you. Nor' would I want it to be, And neither should you.'

'You get along so well with most people. I don't think I have that skill.'

'Say's who?.

'Say's me. Even my brother talks more like you and even act's alot like you.'

'That's his skill, you have yours. Your brother is like me in some ways and in a lot of them he isn't. He is himself...And so are you. And you have more of me in you than you think. With additional skills I can never hope to have.' I wouldn't want a pair of "Mini Me's".'

'But Dad, the things you have seen and done. I could only hope to have even half of that kind of life. I'd die happy.

'That's funny I used to think the same thing about my father.

'You did?'

' Hell yes, He lived through the depression. Went to war in a B17 bomber in a belly turret. Shot down a Focke-Wolf. Received several medals for bravery. Got the DFC with 4 oak leaf clusters.

Went to Korea as a Infantryman. Saved 2 wounded GI's while dispatching the enemy with his sidearm. Traveled all over the world, was written about twice in the Stars and stripes.

Raised a family and started a new successful career after retiring from the service. I could go on and on.

'Now, That's a huge shadow to follow.'

'Do you think that anymore?'

'No I don't' I realized that his is just a different shadow. Thanks to Ann. I see that my life although vastly different...Is in a lot of ways very similar. Looking back I fought battles that took just as much courage to get pass. I didn't have bullets being shot at me from a 50 cal.

But I've had my own close calls with death. And dead is dead no matter how it arrives.

And travels? I saw things that grandpa could only imagine. same as me for him, and will be for you.'

'You really think so?'

'No I don't think......I know. You leave for active duty in the military tomorrow. Correct?


' Do you honestly believe your life's gonna be boring? After all....You are my son.
Your shadows gonna dwarf mine I'm sure.

'Since you put it that way. I think not.

'Happy birthday Son'

'Damn straight it is'

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tranny Blues.

My Friend went to pick up a pile of scrap metal and found this engine. Brought it over to me and asked what the hell is it? There are no markings other than the serial # stamped on the case. 1 hour later I called him and said you found a 59 ST 165 cc 5.5hp Harley Davidson Hummer engine. Lucky Bastard! While not worth a huge hunk of change.....It's still a whole lotta 'F--kin A' factor. Certainly cooler than my Aermachi Italian HD moped motor.
At least this was cast here in the US. [Yes I know it was a German DKW design]

I finally got a '16 over Girder for my Trumpet......Also took in 2 500 cc triumph motors and a small stash of parts In trade for the BSA frame and motor.

Here's the Indian I was fitting for a different seat. Also added a sissy bar. This was interesting as the changes had to be made with no changes or modifications to the bike itself. Made custom mounts for the attachment points. Remove four stock bolts...slip the brackets out and put the original seat back on. No Irreversible changes made..
BTW...This is a 2003 Spirit Scout. Basically a S&S motor in a softail frame.
Not a 'Real ' Indian. Nice bike...But it ain't a Springfield MA. bike
[that's where the original Indians were produced]

And now the reason for the title of the post........Annabelle is still Down.
After assembling the clutch basket on the bike. There was too much play between the clutch hub splines and the clutch gear mainshaft. The intense vibration from the loose magnets had worn the splines loose. I have to locate a clutch hub and probably the clutch gear.
Only 85-90 parts will fit. I haven't even begun to figure where to look with my budget right now. [Zero] I'll figure something out. I always do.
P.S I think 'Annebelle is jealous of my previous ride. Eveytime I say the triumph is next on the list of work to do....She breaks down. Hmmm?