Thursday, July 10, 2008

"Becca's" Last Ride

Desert winds had gently unearthed the sand encrusted handlebars of "Becca", the worn chrome glistened in the early morning sun. Long buried and lost, "Becca" awakened from her dusty dreams. A voice carried over the boulders and scrub, the cadence of the sounds brought forth the long ago memories of how she came to be enshrined in a dry riverbed.
The day of Sept 2, 1972 is forever etched in her memory. It was the day that Art (Silver Fox) Valdez had first walked into the showroom of the Harley dealership in Glendale, AZ. The die had been cast, set in sweat, blood, leather and steel.

When friends were met and many adventures taken, Silver Fox's easy laugh and her contented rhythm were always paired. When attention was needed, he was always at her side, tending to her. Washing and waxing her, she always looked sharp.

When he met a lovely young woman at a social dance, she did not react in jealousy. It was understood his affection for her wouldn't change. The woman destined to be his wife would come to revere "Becca", as well. The honeymoon ride to the Bradshaw mountains was a testament to "Becca's" power and sure-footed ability. Silver Fox's riding abilities were legend. For the two week stay, many miles forged a bond for the (now) three.

Fast-moving storm clouds gathering over the horizon soon brought the need to return to "civilization". The delay in packing for the trip out gave the rain time to arrive. "Becca" labored mightily against the muddy slick trails down the mountains. Over ruts and gullies deeper and more treacherous by the minute; Silver Fox's skills, taxed to the limit, were not enough. Only "Becca's" pride and steadfast loyalty kept her upright.

The distant rumblings of rushing water rapidly closing in, she redoubled her efforts to gain traction and torque. At a quarter mile from the interstate, the race was lost. In the final moments she pitched over a gully and tossed her riders off to higher ground. The raging waters claimed her as a prize.

Silver Fox and his new bride had stumbled to the highway from the safety of higher ground. Both knew only a supernatural effort had made this possible. In the years to come the tale of "Becca's" herculean last ride was oft repeated to friends and family. Every anniversary the grateful couple would hike out to the last known spot and toast a drink to her honor. A long standing ritual of twenty-nine years.

On the thirtieth year, a family reunion was held at the spot. they regaled their grandchildren with the story of the family legend. Christian and Jayden, their oldest grandsons, walked to a small rise overlooking the wash. A flash of chrome winked in the dusty, dry wash below.
"Look Grandpa!"


B.B. said...

That story gave me serious chills. I have been checking in often, waiting for a new story, it was definately worth the wait. Thank you for sharing it with us.
And Becca is a beautiful name for a bike. ;)

"Joker" said...

Very cool. Isn't the Silver Fox the name of one of your real biker friends who recently passed away? Unless I'm having an attack of dyslexia again, I'm pretty sure I read something about him before...maybe on Ann's blog???

Big Daddy said...

Joker Very astute.
Yes the Silver fox was my friend.
My way of honoring him.
BTW what's the other connection in my story?

"Joker" said...

Christian and Jayden are your grandchildren.

Ann said...

Joker: You kick ass! Gotta love a smart brother and fellow Masshole! :)

Big D: I love this story. You have to keep writing them!

And I feel like I should tell everyone that all your stories have a personal element in them. The Rider is a tribute to Big D's brother Mark, who passed away suddenly, last year. The main character in the story, David, is named after Mark's metally handicapped son.

FLHX_Dave said...

Proof people actually do read the blogs. I was trying to place Silver Fox as I was reading. At least Joker could place it.

Nice story Big D. Blow the dirt and dust away and you have a soul of chrome. Very cool. I believe bikers are romantics at heart, just not in the conventional sense. It takes guts to bear one's soul, keep on.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

I'm a little late to the party at finishing reading your entire blog start to finish. Work, and life has been busy. I knew I'd need some time to get through it all. But today is a vacation day for me, and I set out this morning to do just that.. Well, I'm done reading the whole thing now. I posted on a couple of coments throughout the way, but left out comments on the story chapters as I wanted to read the entire story first and comment as a whole. I think you got a lot going for your here. Just like a writer to get us going and leave us hanging drooling for more. I hope you do finish the first book, and I liked the beginnings of this new one you started here on this post today.

Great reading. Thanks for sharing this with us all, and love the personal elements.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Big D.,

Oh, and by the way, Welcome back!

Big Daddy said...

BTW...sept 2 1972 is also signifacant...It's mama's birthday.

Thanks for remembering.

How Ironic that my first story back on the blog..
And a girl named "Becca"
is the first to read

Mr. M
Remember this
You're the first outside of
my normal readers to bring me back to the writers table
Whatever I write from here on out...You had a helping hand in.

"Joker" said...

Big D - In that case, don't write anything about your underwear!

Ann said...

Joker: It took me a minute to get your last comment, but now I'm LMFAO!!!!!
Perhaps someday I'll tell you how Big D won a leopard skin thong, but took second place to an old man!

Lady Ridesalot said...

WOW Big D! This is great! You have a real talent for writing page turners! Or shall we say, this was a real scroller? LOL! I'm sorry I'm so late commenting, but I haven't had a chance to really read till now.

Thanks to Mr. M for whatever he did to help get you back to the table. We are anxious for you to share more of your stories with us.

Maybe someday, I'll share something of my own. I like to write short stories and you've inspired me.

Great stuff Big D. Thanks!

aaroneousmaximus said...

good stuff D. He would have liked it. I know I did.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

I did nothing, except give words of encouragement to write. The more of us, The merrier.

Eat, Drink, Ride, Write, Read, and be Merry.

Joker, you sick bastard! That was funny!

Veronnica said...

Yet another start of a great tale! Can't wait to read more! I know I've lost #1 fan status, but I'll get it back, I swear! :)

Shannon said...

OK OK OK I finally got the chance to sit down and read your newest short story. I really liked the tribute to Silver Fox. That got me choked up a little. The date made me smile as I knew right away it was Mama's birthday. And the "oldest" grandsons reference was wonderfully sweet as well. I enjoy the details in this one, makes you feel as if your on "Becca" pushing through the mud too. Glad your back! Keep writing!!!!!!

rex said...

That was a good little short story. I love that you threw Jayden and Christian in there.

Willy D said...

I read Easyrider's for years, not much anymore, they have changed.
Your writing is as good if not better than what biker rags were.

Downtime is perfect opportunity time.