Friday, November 21, 2008

BSA blues

I just took in trade for some work a 65 BSA frame. 650 engine and wheels

I dug out some parts and threw them on.

A old triumph front ribbed fender for the back.

A maltese cross tail-light on a old sissy bar. placed at the top. instead of using it as a tailight I'm thinking a leather pad for a backrest.

A tank that was rusty and caved in but I couldn't bear not to restore so I cut it open and striaghtened.

I haven't decided what to do about the oil tank, I have several to pick from.

Apehangers of course.

short stack exhaust.....obnoxiusly loud...this a 10.5 compresson engine.

Bates headlight.....perhaps 2 staggered one over the other. How we ran them in the seventies.

I'd like a 8 over girder or twisted springer front forks.....

Pagan gold or big metal flake green......or perhaps pearl orange..[yes I know Ann you hate that color] but it's for me ...not for you
You already stole one of my bikes.;]

Maybe even a metalflake king and queen seat.

But then I discovered a dillema.

After measuring the engine, with a few mods this thing would fit in my old servicar frame.

Be a helluva lot cheaper than finding a harley flathead and tranny.

I have a spare triumph 650 that would bolt right into this chopper frame [BSA and Triumph used the same frame configuration]

But I already have a triumph chopper.

And a BSA chopper is kinda rare nowadays especially with a lightning rocket engine.... very rare.

On the other hand Rascal would get to ride.

I could also use the trike for B.AC.A rides for the kids.



Lady Ridesalot said...

Your talents stretch far beyond great writing, because you can resurrect the dead, in a beautiful way.
I think you better listen to Rascal and get that trike working. Go Rascal!

Willy D said...

If you were a good pusher and got busy writing so we could all get our "fix", you would not hve to make these decisions ;}

If I had a servicar I would get that going first (luv them), then worry about the BSA.

Ann said...

I wonder what the neighbors think you're doing when they see lights flashing in the garage after 11:00 p.m.? LOL

Babe, I don't care what color you paint it. I do not want a rigid. I am done with them.

I was wondering why Rascal was so feisty this I know. I think he is gonna bite your ass if you don't get busy on the trike. :)

BTW...I remember the days when that song would have been for it's for a bike. It's a good thing I still think you're cute. ;)

fasthair said...

HI Big D: I like the twisted Springer with the curved rocker at the bottom idea for the front end. That is so early 70s. As a youngster my Uncle Craig built a Triumph 750 chopper in my Grandmas kitchen. I shit you not in the kitchen, bond and the whole bit. It had the tall silly bar, gas tank very similar to your tank and a five spook 16" wheel is what i remember it being. So now you know why I have a "five" spook front wheel on Whiskey. So needless to say Uncle Craig was a big influence in my life. Will be cool to see how this project turns out.


KT Did said...

I love the trike idea for B.A.C.A. kid rides! I was introduced to this great club in Northern California last year and they do extraordinary work!
On another note: I really wish I could wrench!

Anonymous said...

show us your servicar. Please, we all love em

Dean "D-Day" said...

I'm drooling just thinking about all the possibilities. I'm gonna need lots of pictures and updates.

Dean "D-Day" said...

I'm drooling just thinking about all the possibilities. I'm gonna need lots of pictures and updates.

Mastercheif said...

I'm not a biker so I don't know what the hell you are saying most of the time, but I admire the way you say it. You are a rare talent. More picks of naked chicks please.

Maineac said...

Hey Big Daddy nice looking blog... I just started 1 myself and would like to put yours on my link list if that's OK... Also do you mind if I use your Warning.


FLHX_Dave said...


I'm sitting in my shop right now pondering my next phase in life. I have come to the sign that is telling me that I really want to work on bikes. I hope that I can make that happen.

I was just telling Willy D that I wanted to start a project bike. I have just enough mechanical know-how to get myself into trouble, but I figure WillyD can wipe my ass for me if I shit myself until I can hit the mark.

I would like to see the progress no matter which way the wind blows on this bike. Suddenly you are the most fortunate man I know at the moment. Once again, someone else is living my dream! lol...I'll get there. It's a bitch being satisfied with never being satisfied.

Big Daddy said...

The servicar frame is just that..a worn out, butchered piece of steel.
However it does have potential.
the BSA motor fits. with mods]
a friend of mine just called to rell me he found a chain drive rear in a golf cart that looks stout'
I might get it for free.
So maybe it will live.

Big Daddy said...

Welcome to the club.
Yes, you may use the opening.
And thanks for the compliment. Big D

Willy D oughta get you started in the right a simple bobber you'll learn tons of skills and with Willys help you can find lowbuck ways around to fabricating.
You'll find this far more enjoyable than going out and buying Parts.
Resserect a old frame.tank oilbag from a swap meet.
Rebuid a used motor.
Take a bike that most 'sane 'ppeople would pass on
Careful tho.....It's ADDICTIVE

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Trike, Trike, Trike!

Anonymous said...

Hey Big D,
I thought i would snoop around your blog & see what was new. I am glad that we were able to do the trade, clean your side yard & fill your garage w/more goodies !! I want 1st shot @ the BSA, WHEN IT GETS COMPLETED ! Thanks friend, Heff.