Saturday, August 11, 2007

Why I Ride

In this day and age of prozac and therapy bills, I ride my bike.

It is the purest form of therapy there is. Many people have remarked to me that I don't seem to get pissed off a lot. Most things that aggravate people just slide off my back, and I just shine it on. Money woes are always there I had 'em when I made too much money [never enough] and I have them when I don't. It's a constant in everybodys life, so why sweat it?

I've got great friends who can help me if I ask. And I'll help them in return anyway I can. It works out. It always does. I have a good friend which we call KRAMER. He's going through some tough financial shit. He'll get past it. He's got friends. And a reasonably good head on his shoulders. And I noticed that when he rides or even just talks bikes, problems are forgotten for the moment.
I look at it this way when I wake up tommorow, I'll figure out a solution...and If I don't wake up again....Well it ain't that big a problem anymore. What do I think about when riding? I look at the countryside, feel the wind rush past me, how proud I am of my kids, how I've got great friends and of course I think of Annebelle. And When she's on the Bike with me....pure Heaven. I don't need to drink, do drugs, etc... there is no high that can compare. And when I ride solo........I think Anabelle.


Ann said...

This is one of the many reasons why I love you so much, Babe!

You are simply the best husband in the world!


Veronnica said...

You two make me sick! LOL! Just kidding of course! I've learned over the years that Big D is a wealth of information and advice (yes, I know I never follow it!), but the one thing I've ALWAYS said about him is that if I ever needed something at the drop of a hat, he'd be there for me in a heartbeat! That is 100% accurate, and that's why he has such great friends and he is such a great friend! Love Ya Reverend Big D!

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Big D.,
I too think about the same things you do when riding. .... (Anabelle) that is.....

Just kidding.

Great post. I think most bikers think about the same kinda shit. It IS what keeps us sane.

Dean "D-Day" said...

Riding is the best therapy in the world. I get some great thinking done while I'm riding. I never knew how much it would consume my soul.

Mister Zip 66 said...

Riding is like piecing together the puzzles of life, and liking the answers.