Wednesday, October 30, 2013

California State Route 74 - Guest Post by Kiara Wilson

Spanning 112 miles across Southern California between Los Angeles and San Diego, State Route 74 acts as a fun daily ride for motorcyclists wishing to experience a true Golden State experience. No matter where you decide to start, you'll find the ride fast and scenic. It travels through so many important West Coast cities; you'll be engulfed with scenery from the minute you leave. From the San Bernardino National Forest to urban cityscapes, State Route 74 is a must-ride for anyone traveling to southern California. Often referred to as the Pines to Palms Scenic Byway, State Route 74 exists as a connecting roadway that provides motorists an alternative and beautiful way to travel.


Starting in Coachella Valley in a town called Palm Desert; State Route 74 begins life in a luxurious getaway for travelers. Choose from several resorts and attractions while in Palm Desert, while a trip along the Pines to Palms Scenic Byway and back is certainly feasible in just a few hours. Although you may eat up a good portion of your afternoon if you plan on riding out to Lake Elsinore for the day, you'll absolutely enjoy every waking moment of the ride. Because the area offers so much, staying anywhere along State Route 74 for an extended period of time is a safe vacation idea.

Southern California tends to stay in a subtropical temperature range year round, although there are very few exceptions in which cold weather is experienced. However, for the sake of planning, you'll want to pack light and wear comfortable clothing, as the temperatures will normally be in the mid to high 70s. Because of this, you'll be fine in your Dainese Naked Pelle, River Road Harrier Vest or any suitable track replica attire. By all means, wear as much protection as you deem necessary, because the riding and speed is purely dependent on how far forward you push the throttle. So always have safe ride and use all safety measures while on the road. Use notoriety motorcycle house for your quality motorcycle equipment like Viking Bags, Jackets and Helmets to make your ride safer and pleasant. 

On the western end of State Route 74, riders can opt to choose one of four alternate routes to complete their journey. The very end of the highway (or beginning, if you so choose) meets with I-5 in San Juan Capistrano. From here, SR-74 continues on and is renamed the Ortega Highway, a scenic, twisting ride perfect for motorcyclists to continue their ride. Continuing through the Cleveland Mountains, riders will eventually happen upon the community of Lake Elsinore and its body of water by the same name. The highway eventually merges with I-215 right outside of Perris, California. Whichever path riders choose to take, this Western end of SR-74 offers fantastic scenery and fast corners.

State Route 74 is a great ride for motorcyclists in southern California because it connects so many communities to each other. While other scenic rides tend to offer little more than just a way to escape the urban jungle, State Route 74 embraces all cultures and regions into one unique bond. Riders can visit numerous landmarks, stores and cities along the way, making any number of destinations a possibility. This creates a fun ride that can be replicated time and time again, because a new destination awaits every ride!

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KT Did said...

Been on that route a few times in the past. Gets very windy in the desert. Hot too. Be prepared for that in the summer months. Good ride though :)

Webster World said...

Would love to do the west one day. It would be nice to spend at least a month there. Plan it right so I could ride out of Az. as their heat came in and hear north. Ending in northern Cal.

Glotzer Sweat LLP said...

This looks like a great ride. It would seem that now until about mid May would be the best time to make this run before it gets too hot.